Farm Management Solution

Complete solution for labor intensive Farming

Your Challenges

The everyday issues farming operations face without an affordable and specialized tool

Dependency on paper

Keeping track of timesheets, workplans, harvest records, and paysheets all in paper to later having to put them in excel.

Poor internet connection

Most apps rely on Internet connection to work. This limitation forces the usage of paper and extra hours spent on office work.

No time for reporting

No way to monitor how the operations are going in real time nor any reporting ability to understand how the business is doing.

Our Solution

FarmUp was created with with the purpose to eliminate the time spent on desk work
and automate the reporting and processes.

FarmUp app for phones and tablets

Our app is easy to install and very intuitive. Even for workers with
basic tech skills, it takes just a few minutes to understand the app.

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FarmUp Administrator Dashboard

Configure your farm, manage your staff, run reports, monitor operations real time using your laptop or mobile device.